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Twyford held a steaming open day 3rdJuly six of BCCC turned up to a small display of a few
other cars as well.
There were motor cycles and a tractor there as well, with miniature ones and a full
size one all run by steam.
There was a lot to see including a huge triple expansion pumping engine
with various other engines of different sizes. Even, a narrow gauge railway running
at the top of the site.
It is a large site and a lovely walk around the whole site for those of us who wanted a
bit of exercise.
The organisers also offered us free tea and coffee for all exhibitors. What a bonus!
The weather was perfect.
Coupled with so much to see made it a great day out. At the end of the day the
organiser came over to us and thanked us and said that the classic cars are always
welcome to attend on their event days.
We all had a good day and I'm sure we will be going back.
Steve Lee

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