This was a great show the weather was very hot and we tried out the new gazebo. It took us 8 minutes to erect it. Hoping for a better time next time used!
There was a lot going on. Auto jumble, car boot sale.
Plenty to see and do. Some cars went into the arena they all looked amazing. I cant tell you about them. Just that they looked
great. Roger took his new purchase of a Vauxhall Velox 1953 which will be seen at many of up and coming shows. I won't be driving it as it's column change. Tried it once never again!
At end of day Val went to the hall on site to see what was happening. It was being closed. She came back with a tray of lemon drizzle cake. Well you canít say no to a bit of drizzle!
We all left together. Steve was following behind us and suddenly seemed to disappear. I called him to see if all was well. From time to time classic cars need a little bit of petrol!
Steve and Mary had to make a pit stop for petrol and all was well.

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