Alton Bus Rally 21stJuly
Well boy it was hot! We travelled down the 339 with Peter Hayward taking the lead as he knew the back way in. All ok but he missed the entrance!
I was just thinking we should of gone in there, looked up. Peter stopped. I hit the brakes. Locked four wheels up. Nice black lines down the road (not bad for an old mini).
I did stop before rearranging his back bumper. It gave us a laugh over a cuppa and one of Peterís bacon rolls.
Show was good. Lots of buses. Did get on one with George and Lesley. Funny, it stopped at the pub so a pint and lunch went down very well.
Had a good chat with Richard.
I now know all about model boats, how to make them and the remote controls I need to have a go.
Chris AllanIMG-20220717-WA0001