Richard Phillips, Tony Jones and Perry Beckett decided to combine their hobbies of Boating, Fishing and RC Models with a three day trip on the Norfolk Broads at the end of October 2022. It was fun!!!

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It has been known by several members that I now have the hobby of Radio controlled model boats and few the last few years I have kept Tony Jones and Perry Becket up to date with what has been happening in my shed or on the lake. It was at last months Moose meeting that I said to Tony "I cannot afford the real thing" and his answer was "you can hire one". With further conversation about I could not do it alone and an offer of Tony, Perry and myself making a Crew I came home with thoughts of the future. 

Within 36 hours Tony and I had spoken again and the idea was confirmed, a booking made for a boat on the Norfolk Broads for the last weekend of this season 28th-31st October.  

On Friday morning we met and Tony drove us to Potter Heigham near Great Yarmouth and by 2pm we were on board a 40ft pleasure boat leaving the marina up the River Thune. There was a fairly stiff breeze blowing but the experienced Skipper Tony safely took us to our first mooring at Ranworth. This was a trip of about 2hrs looking at all sorts of wildlife along the way. The mooring was very quiet and Tony and Perry got out the fishing rods. The evening meal was in a pub with a few beers and a gentle stroll back to the boat and a good nights sleep.   

Saturday morning came and the sound on the roof/deck was af heavy rain, within an hour though the rain stopped, skies cleared and the day became sunny. We left Ranworth and continued further up river to where we saw the 19th century preserved cottage and once again wildlife the included Otter and Kingfisher. Lunch today was in Stalham before returning to Neatishead for the night mooring. Once again it was to be a short walk to a pub for dinner before turning in for the night.

Sunday morning dawned but within a short time the rain started. Boats and water go together and we had our wet gear. The wildlife did not let us down though and more otter and kingfisher gave us a passing glimpse. The rain cleared the river carried on ahead and we dried off . There are bridges on the rivers of the Broads and we had to navigate one of these as we went up and down the River ANT. The clearance above our head was about 12inches and with a beam of 11feet caution was the order. That night was once again some fishing and a very nice meal at a pub a short walk away.

Monday Morning was a short river journey back to the Marina  and then the drive home.

I can only give my heartfelt thanks to Tony and Perry for giving me a weekend of great interest

with good company and food. I had not been to the Norfolk Broads before and this has a been one item marked off my bucket list. I hope one day we can do it again.

Richard Phillips
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