Thruxton Meeting Feb 2023

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Brian, Perry, Grahame, Sandra, Sheila and myself attended the charity event at Thruxton race circuit Sunday 26th Feb. under a beautiful clear blue sky. There were approximately 200 cars at the event in the paddock area. It was extremely well organised and there were good cafe facilities.

The event was organised by the Paddock Club and its purpose was to raise funds for the Naomi House children's hospice charity. The star of the show was the familiar children's toy 'Lotus' electric car (again!). Once again I thanks Brian for making the car which he won at our club raffle, available again to raise additional funds for Naomi House.

UPDATE 1/3/23 !!!!!!!

The money has been counted. The Thruxton day actually raised £2437.17 of which £1200 was purely due to raffle ticket sales on the day! So, with our £720 a total of £3157.17 Nice when a plan comes together!!

TV presenter and racing driver Tiff Needell did the honours of presenting the raffle prizes and he did a great job! The presentation took place in the large restaurant and it was standing room only.

Unfortunately the winner of the car was not present. I am hoping to obtain a photograph of the winner receiving the car and I will then add it to this album.

We were dreading Brian winning the car for a second time since he would have made it available for a third raffle (a never-ending story!!) however, he didn't. He did win a box of chocolates!

We all had a very enjoyable day and our cars behaved well! If the Paddock club decide to repeat this exercise then I will certainly be joining them. Well done Sian and Gordon of the Paddock Club!

Cheers! Tony

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