Popham 2022




Hartley Wintney

Peter H

The Hartley Wintney festival took place Sat 11th June and we were represented by Peter (H), Peter (D), Roger, Shirley, Perry, Sandra, Sheila and Tony. The weather was good and there was a total of 50+ classic cars exhibited. There was a lively parade, lots of cake tents and a very busy beer tent. The car exhibits were judged by a team of five judges and our club did well!

Peter Haywood's Cortina won 'Best in Show'

Tony's Rover 80 won first prize for 'Best Post War Car'

Perry's Triumph 2000 won third prize for 'Best Post War Car'

Overall an enjoyable and successful day out!!

Peter won "Car of Show Award"

Tony won First Prize for "Best Post-War Car"

Perry won 3rd Prize for "Best Post-War Car"

ChattingShirley and SheilaRover 80 1961Triumph 2000Its been a hard hot day!!!
Peters BreakfastChattingTriumph Vitesse

Drive-it-Day 2022 - Brooklands

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Stoke Row 2022

IMG 20220612_135544892_HDRYankee Job1Steam RollerMilitery1Dads Army2Car Group2


IMG 20220612_135651975Zodiac CamperTank1Red CarHeavy DutyCaravanAustin Cambridge 
IMG 20220612_135804062_HDRYankee Job2Triumph2000-2Rover 2000-1In DressGreen Car1Dads Army1Car Group1 


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This years 'Spring Show' was held mid summer! It was held at Newbury Showground Sunday 17/7/22 There was a total of just 85 vehicles on display and our club was represented by Sandra and Perry with their Triumph 2000 Mk1. The only missing element was the public! Not one visitor was present. Drivers started to pack up at lunchtime. The food was good. The weather was good but the show cannot be claimed as a success. Back to the drawing boards!


This was a great show the weather was very hot and we tried out the new gazebo. It took us 8 minutes to erect it. Hoping for a better time next time used!

There was a lot going on. Auto jumble, car boot sale. 

Plenty to see and do. Some cars went into the arena they all looked amazing. I cant tell you about them. Just that they looked great. Roger took his new purchase of a Vauxhall Velox 1953 which will be seen at many of up and coming shows. I won't be driving it as it's column change. Tried it once never again!

At end of day Val went to the hall on site to see what was happening. It was being closed. She came back with a tray of lemon drizzle cake. Well you can't say no to a bit of drizzle!

We all left together. Steve was following behind us and suddenly seemed to disappear. I called him to see if all was well. From time to time classic cars need a little bit of petrol!

Steve and Mary had to make a pit stop for petrol and all was well.


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Alton Bus Rally 21stJuly
Well boy it was hot! We travelled down the 339 with Peter Hayward taking the lead as he knew the back way in. All ok but he missed the entrance!
I was just thinking we should of gone in there, looked up. Peter stopped. I hit the brakes. Locked four wheels up. Nice black lines down the road (not bad for an old mini).
I did stop before rearranging his back bumper. It gave us a laugh over a cuppa and one of Peter's bacon rolls.
Show was good. Lots of buses. Did get on one with George and Lesley. Funny, it stopped at the pub so a pint and lunch went down very well.
Had a good chat with Richard.
I now know all about model boats, how to make them and the remote controls I need to have a go.

Chris AllanIMG-20220717-WA0001 


Wiscombe Park Hill Climb, Devon, Colyton. 

On the weekend 07/08 May there is, for the Wright petrolheads, an unmissable event. 

It does, unfortunately clash with the 'Throrneycroft' Show, which we've attended for decades. This year we could go guilt-free 😊. 

I dusted off the Bitter SC with its new MOT, Ollie took his 1928 Sunbeam tourer and friend Stu his newly acquired 1965 E-Type which he is running in after a rebuild. We convoyed down early morning. We got 3 miles before the Sunbeam failed to proceed. Running on 4 and 'bubbles' noticed via the headgasket. Humm, not a good sign. Off with the bonnet and rocker cover to discover that the cylinder head had not been tightened down after the obligatory 200 miles from new gasket install. A massive 1.4 turn on each bolt, much ribbing and banter as expected, and we were off. Amazingly no damage done and all good thereafter. We get to park in the VIP area close to the action as we are friends with the owners of Wiscombe Park, whose 1928 Bentley Ollie keeps up to snuff for them. 

Saturday is a practice day and for the VSCC event on the Sunday and a competitive days for various classes of motorbikes [super fast times from these guys!] and moderns, from Caterhams to Saxo's! Together with grub and a local beet tent the perfect weekend. Sunday is race day and all manner of vintage cars ran up the hill. An amazing sound and spectacle. Most of them made it. Unfortunately 1 did not, with a spectacular 'off' into the trees, driver thrown out. A lovely ERA. Well it was. Driver airlifted to Hospital with broken leg. Dangerous stuff vintage racing. 

One highlight is seeing some amazing vehicles - the Vintage Austin very nearly came home with me…….. 

Brooklands Sunbeam Land Speed Centenary. 

As a Sunbeam owner and Club Member, Oliver was invited to the Centenary Celebration of the Sunbeam Land Speed record held at Brooklands. This 1922 record breaking run around the circuit included a race with a train, the spectacle to be re-enacted at the exact same time 100 years later. The car and it mechanics were brought up from Beaulieu and the grandson of the original driver NAME was flown in from the USA and posed in the cockpit. The Press were out in force. 

Also on display were pre-war Sunbeam owner's cars and no fewer than 6 pre-war speed record breaking cars (that were demonstrated on the circuit later in the day). An awesome day.

Ollie had tickets for the gala dinner as a SOC Member in the Brooklands Member's Building – very fancy indeed - so yours truly went home for tea and cakes!

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I.O.W. 2022

The 2022 Isle of Wight International Extravaganza in September was well worth the trip.
Thankfully the Alvis was ready for the trip and the 95 miles were its maiden voyage. All went well!
Maxine and I met up with Ted and Pam, who unfortunately had to bring their modern as the MG refused to play ball. We can recommend The Duck restaurant on the Esplanade.
As always, many cars to see and owners to talk to, apparently 700 over the 2 days. This year thes how coincided with the Ryde illuminated carnival, a veritable sea of noise, bands and participants.
Lovely to see.
Steve and Maxine

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Breakfast Meeting2

Christmas Meal 2022

Meal was held at the Ely Restaurant 3/12/22.

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