EXPO 2024

Club Expo is the annual gathering which is held by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and is held at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. Every classic car club which is affiliated with the FBHVC was invited to send two representatives to Expo 2024. As agreed at our AGM, Perry and I attended to represent our club.

The number of attendees at yesterday's meeting was 155 and this is the highest attendance to date so it is a clear indication that the FBHVC is thriving.

A summary of the various presentations is available below. We were able to have another tour of the exhibits at the museum and I never tire of enjoying looking over old vehicles. It was very pleasant and some photos are copied below.

Key points which caught our interest included:-

The sponsoring insurance company (Peter James) is introducing a scheme which encourages younger drivers to experience classics. It allows a young driver to be insured to drive a classic but only while accompanied by the owner of the classic. I can imagine that may be of interest to some people who maybe want the opportunity to let their grandchild drive their classic?

The 'Motul oil company' has introduced a scheme whereby an oil sample from your car is analysed to identify any contaminants etc and hence give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable products for use in your car. Clearly the company is hoping to improve its business however, it is the first time I have seen the option of discovering how happy my car is with the oil/additives/methanol/petrol I am pouring into it!

There was a very interesting session on the topic of 'energy' ie the trend towards the use of electricity to power our cars, warm our houses and run our businesses, the government promises to cut back on the use of fossil fuels etc. I would happily have travelled to Expo 2024 just to hear this presentation! Very interesting! I recommend the reading of this section of the presentation summary on the right.

Cheers, Tony and Perry